Web UI

User settings and webmail available at mail.kydara.com.

The username is your full e-mail address and the password was provided by your administrator upon sign-up. If you have lost your password, please contact the administrator.

Using this web interface, it is possible to:

  • Adjust spam detection sensitivity
  • Create temporary @kydara.com mail aliases
  • Change your password
  • Access the Mailcow configuration guides
  • Enforce incoming and outgoing encryption
  • Reset the SOGo profile. This is sometimes necessary if currently signed in Microsoft Exchange devices are not behaving as expected

The Web UI runs Mailcow.


Through SOGo Groupware, it is possible to access your mailbox using a browser. It has the following features:

  • Mailbox delegation (no need to share passwords when you need to let others access your inbox)
  • Contacts and calendar management
  • Create custom, complex e-mail rules, for example: Sending all messages from a certain domain to a folder, or being able to instantly delete messages from known spammers