Welcome to Kydara

Kydara is a small, free service operated by individuals who believe in everyone's right to privacy.

We don't, and will never run ads or use privacy-invasive techniques to track users in or outside our platform. For the moment, we wish to remain a non-profit organisation sustained by generous donors. Free of external influence, we apply industry-leading levels of encryptions across our services, ensuring the privacy and safety of our users. We also don't require users to surrender PII (Personally Identifiable Information) to further strengthen this goal.

Kydara is also a playground for free, open source, self-hosted software packages. We apply the strictest controls, like virtualisation, to ensure complete isolation between the different services we run, and limit the damage a hack would cause.

Because we are a small organisation with budget constraints, at the moment, we're not accepting new user sign-ups. Note also that, for this reason, there is no guarantee that any of the services will continue operating indefinitely, but it's in our best interests because we use our own services daily (dogfood).

We run the following services: